Bank of IDEAS (BOI) applies its skills and expertise in providing the following services which are customised according to the specific needs, resources and aspirations of the community, organisation or country.

Peter Kenyon, as the lead consultant of BOI, has had 35 years of experience working in the field of community change and renewal. Such opportunities has enabled him to design, implement, test and refine a variety of community change and renewal methodologies and tools in a wide range of urban and rural communities throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, and in over another 55 countries.

BOI provides services in terms of animation /motivation, facilitation, project design and implementation, and training.

BOI is interested in ‘making things happen’ at the community level. BOI is not interested in being part of a process of producing yet another report that sits on the shelf – it seeks involvement with communities and organisations who are seeking change and are ready and prepared for the effort and costs in making that change a reality.

Finally, given BOI’s extensive involvement in community change, it seeks to value add to any work assignment by linking that community to useful resources, best practice experiences and helpful networks.

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