Master Class in ABCD

with Cormac Russell 2015

Thank you for attending the Master Class in Asset Based Community Development with Cormac Russell, August 2015. Cormac has provided some very useful resources for all participants. Follow the links to download.

“We Can game” – open source ABCD Game (the ‘We Can Game’) designed by Cormac.  There are a few different versions of the game available for download.

Presentation Slides


Nurture Development – ABCD in 10 illustrations


Nurture Development – short guide to ABCD


Nurture Development Report - Croydon


Nurture Development report – Leeds


Video of a keynote presentation given by Cormac in Aberdeen

Watch Now

ABCD in action: Some think pieces of ABCD in action

Some photos from the Master Class with Cormac…