Power to the People 2020 Virtual Attendance

Bank of Ideas

  • PTP 2020 Virtual Attendance
    October 29, 2020 - October 30, 2020
    8:30 am - 2:15 pm

‘In a world where the social fabric seems to be rapidly fraying, the economy is uncertain, and the future of the planet is at risk, is there a better way to hit the reset button than to come back to the neighborhood level and begin to genuinely rely on one another again’. (Amanda Abrams)

Where:   Online

Time:    Thursday 29th October 8.30am – 10.30am and Friday 30th October 8.30am – 2.15pm (AWST)

Cost:     Virtual Attendance Ticket $99 (inc. GST)
(Conference Virtual Attendance is for plenary sessions only. It does not include participation in any breakout or workshop sessions). 

In 2020, The Bank of I.D.E.A.S. will partner with Inclusion Solutions to deliver our annual National Community Development Conference. The theme for the Power to the People 2020 Conference is “Activating Community Assets”. Given the impact of COVID-19 on virtually all aspects of our lives, the Conference Program is currently being refreshed to incorporate community and economic innovations in the brave new world we now find ourselves living in.

This Conference will bring together people from across Australia who share a personal or professional passion for building citizen driven communities to –

  • discover the power of harnessing social capital and local assets to help address the complex and entrenched financial, social and environmental issues that challenge our communities;
  • discover the power of local, ‘bottom up’ and asset based approaches to strengthen community;
  • explore the institutions and structures which both impede and enhance citizen driven efforts;
  • explore a range of tools and methodologies that will empower people to believe, behave and act like citizens in control of their community and their destiny;
  • discover like-minded people with whom to network with and create a lasting legacy of peer-to-peer learning; and above all,
  • have fun!

The Power to the People 2020 Conference will take place across the stunning seaside location of the City of Mandurah, Western Australia. The City of Mandurah offers a fine example of a community that not only realises its physical, social, economic, and cultural assets, it also knows how to activate those assets. This will be demonstrated in the Conference Program through a series of workshops that focus on themes such as – Inclusion, Neighbour Connection, Youth, Local Aboriginal Culture, Education and Local Sustainability.

The Power to the People Conference Program, 2020 aims to create the space for participants to explore how communities can strengthen and become more resilient by activating their local assets. The Program in 2020 will be interactive, unfolding across a range of venues including cafes, parks and community spaces. The Program is currently being finalised.

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DISCLAIMER: This event is being organised by the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. and local partners. We will endeavour to make sure all the information relevant to this event is correct and up to date, however, details are subject to change and it is the responsibility of the participant to check the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. website for the most current information. 

Refund Policy: 90% refund if requested in writing prior to one month before the event. No refund within a month of the event, however tickets are transferable. 

This event is being run by Bank of I.D.E.A.S. in partnership with Inclusion Solutions.

Supported by the City of Mandurah.


Further information contact:
Maria D’Souza
Phone:  (08) 6293 1848